What are the penalties for my charges?

The penalties for a crime will depend on the level of crime it is and what the circumstances of your case are. In most cases, the judge will impose a fine or jail time as well as terms of probation for you to follow. Very often, the cost to complete probation will actually be more than the cost of the court fine. A table showing that potential court penalties for different levels is shown below (this does not include probation costs):

Class Jail Maximum Fine
1st Degree Felony 5yrs – Life $10,000
2nd Degree Felony 1 – 15 yrs $10,000
3rd Degree Felony 0 – 5 yrs $5,000
Class A DUI 0 – 365 days $2,000
Class A Misdemeanor 0 – 365 days $2,500
Class B DUI 0 – 180 days $1,500
Class B Misdemeanor 0 – 180 days $1,000
Class C Misdemeanor 0 – 90 days $750
Infraction 0 days $750

Most of the time, even when you do not have a defense attorney, a judge will not impose the maximum jail time or the maximum fine for each charge. However, if you have other crimes on your record, or if this is a DUI, the judge will more likely impose the full penalty. Also, if you have multiple charges, the judge may add the jail time and/or the fines together.

In addition to court fines, you must also be aware of additional costs associated with a conviction. If the crime is related to drugs or alcohol, or is a crime of domestic violence, you will usually have to complete treatment and do drug or alcohol testing. The cost of treatment and testing will depend on your individual circumstances, but can often add up to thousands of dollars.

Finally, some employers will not or cannot hire or promote employees with certain criminal convictions on their record. This can also affect you financially. If you are concerned about the potential penalties you are facing or have additional questions, you may want to contact our office for a consultation.

What are the penalties for a felony in Utah?